Saturday, April 6, 2013

Going Tubeless With Gorilla Tape

I have never been very happy with the Stan's No Tube Rim Tape.  I think it too thin and not at all durable.  I'm also currently working in an area that you can not find bicycle parts.  I wanted something I can get around town.  I searched the google machine about alternatives.  I found some people have had good luck with gorilla tape.  In fact there is a wheel manufacturer that sells their wheels with gorilla tape installed.  So, I decided to give it a try.  I started with Stan's ZTR wheels and installed the Gorilla tape just like the Stan's no tube tape.  Installation videos on their website (Stan's Help Center).  Here is how it went...
Installed the tape just as wide as the inner part of the rim.  Just as wide as the Stan's tape.  Then put the wheel and tube on to compress down the tape.  I'm waiting on my valve stems in the mail to complete the system.  I've been riding the bike with the tubes inflated to 40psi for a couple day's.  I went to ride it this morning and I had a flat (I hate flats).  I went to change the tire and could NOT get the tire out of the bead.  It was locked in!  I quickly realized it wasn't just the bead but the thicker Gorilla tape holding it on the bead and not letting it slide.
I removed the tape and made in skinnier (pics coming after I do the full tubeless install.  So, make sure you do some testing if you decide to use Gorilla tape.  I'm pretty sure it will work after I figure out all the details and I will keep you updated on the outcome.  

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