Monday, March 26, 2012

We went to STL for my Uncle Brian's 50th Birthday Party extravaganza.
Before the party we played every sport known to human kind.  Lincoln had about 6 home runs!

My little buddy Lincoln was ready to cruuuze for chicks!

On sunday we went for a nice brunch at Triumph Bar and Grill. 
Connected to Triumph grill is a small motorcycle museum.  I checked out all of the bikes but one in particular caught my eye ball.  It was a 1976 GP II 250cc OSSA.  I'm not sure if someone redesigned this bike or if it was just way ahead of its time!!!  I found an original pic online.  Pretty cool!

I'll let the pictures talk.......................

 I think Harley has changed their ad campaign just a tad!!!

 Wanna be a man whore? Buy a Suzuki!

 Harley Scooter?  Wha???

Overall, sports with Linx was great, Brian turns another year old, beer is good, whiskey is better, motorcycles are rad!