Saturday, April 6, 2013

Going Tubeless With Gorilla Tape

I have never been very happy with the Stan's No Tube Rim Tape.  I think it too thin and not at all durable.  I'm also currently working in an area that you can not find bicycle parts.  I wanted something I can get around town.  I searched the google machine about alternatives.  I found some people have had good luck with gorilla tape.  In fact there is a wheel manufacturer that sells their wheels with gorilla tape installed.  So, I decided to give it a try.  I started with Stan's ZTR wheels and installed the Gorilla tape just like the Stan's no tube tape.  Installation videos on their website (Stan's Help Center).  Here is how it went...
Installed the tape just as wide as the inner part of the rim.  Just as wide as the Stan's tape.  Then put the wheel and tube on to compress down the tape.  I'm waiting on my valve stems in the mail to complete the system.  I've been riding the bike with the tubes inflated to 40psi for a couple day's.  I went to ride it this morning and I had a flat (I hate flats).  I went to change the tire and could NOT get the tire out of the bead.  It was locked in!  I quickly realized it wasn't just the bead but the thicker Gorilla tape holding it on the bead and not letting it slide.
I removed the tape and made in skinnier (pics coming after I do the full tubeless install.  So, make sure you do some testing if you decide to use Gorilla tape.  I'm pretty sure it will work after I figure out all the details and I will keep you updated on the outcome.  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Delicious Fargo

I was once called a human Swiss Army Knife.  I try to prepare for any and all situations for the task being performed.  It would be safe to say the Salsa Fargo is the Swiss Army Knife of bikes.  If only I've spent just as much time riding it as I have researching the best gear to put on it.  I will continue to update with my thoughts and reviews.  If you have questions email me at  So far here is what I've got...

Bike- Salsa Cycles
Brown Salsa Fargo 2
Stan's ZTR Arch wheels
Carbon Salsa seat post
Whiskey Co. full carbon front fork
Crank Brothers Mallet 2

The bike is awesome.  The carbon seat post and fork make the ride soooo smooth.  I had a completely stock Fargo 3 and honestly, it was brutal.  This Fargo on the other hand thing glides around very nicely.  The Stan's wheels have been ok so far.  I also have Stan's on my Spearfish so I do have a little experience with them before now.  The only advise I would give is to make sure you read the compatible tires list on Stan's web site.  I didn't read it and bought some WTB Nano TCS tires.  I spent about an hour trying to get one of them on.  I finally gave up and tried looking for solutions.  I wish I would have seen the incompatible list first!

Bags and Luggage-
Salsa (Revelate Designs) Frame bag
Salsa (Revelate Designs) Viscacha seat bag

So far I really like the frame bag.  It's very roomy and basically has 3 compartments. The left side is a nice size for my Lezyne Micro floor drive pump, CO2 cartridges, patch kit. and multi tool.  The other side has a little velcro flap that can be used to section off the top and bottom.  The back side is perfect for a water bottle and a spare tube underneath the bottle.  I have yet to use the top/front side of the bag but it's got a lot of room to spare...

Tires and accessories-
Lezyne Micro floor drive HP (tire pump)
Genuine Innovations second wind road (CO2/hand pump)
Gorilla Tape

Because I am a bit of a freak about being prepared, I figure if there is two things you need to make it to your destination... a tire pump and Gorilla tape.  The GI second wind will be used mainly as a CO2 pump only.  The Lezyne will be used to fine tune the tire with it's built in tire gauge and ABS system.  If you under inflate your wasting valuable energy and the possibility of damaging the tire.  If you over inflate you will blow out the tire.  I've done both, it sucks!  I have also experienced hand pumps and floor pumps that go to shit in the middle of no where.  So just in case of that, I carry 2.  I wrap my CO2 cartridges in Groilla tape so that if I need some I have it and so my cartridges don't clank around everywhere.  Gorilla tape has many uses, including patching tubes if need be.

Kuat bottle lock
Crank Brothers Multi-17 multi tool

The Kuat bottle lock was send over from my friends at Kuat.  I ordered a Kuat Vegabond X from them after talking with the owner at a Salsa demo in Springfield Missouri.  Both items are top notch.  The bottle lock is so easy and not bulky at all.  It's way better than trying to wrap a stupid lock around your seat post every time you run to the store or have a beer at your local hang out.