Saturday, June 16, 2012

Triumph Tiger 800 XC build

About a year ago I purchased a 2011 Triumph Tiger 800XC.  I have always wanted an adventure bike, however I didn't think it would be a Triumph.  In fact I wasn't even planning on buying one for a few years.  I originally wanted a BMW 800GS.  I am super happy with my decision to purchase the Triumph.  It's been a great bike!
I have been building her up from stock.  It started out a little like this.

And now looks like this as of last week (without luggage)

Changes include:
Custom rear 52 tooth sprocket
Custom painted brushed aluminum pieces
Custom Acerbis rear shock protector
Acerbis hand guards
Acerbis rear mud flap
Touratech front fender riser
Touratech GPS mount/adjustable windscreen mount
Touratech foldable shifter
Touratech headlight guard
Touratech sidestand foot.
Garmin Zumo 665
Rigid Industries Dually D2 LED aux. lights
Carribou Luggage top rack and top box
Happy Trails rear luggage racks
Happy Trails front crash bars
Wolfeman Luggage Expedition dry bags
Wolfeman Rollie Bags-Large
RKA tank bag
Mega Tube tool tube
Triumph skid plate
Triumph center stand

Make sure to check back regularly for new pictures.

Special thanks to:
Ride Three Sixty Five and Amsoil
Engle Motors
Happy Trail


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  2. Hey, man.

    What would I have to do to get my hands on one of those 52T rear sprockets?!?

  3. Where did you find the rear sprocket? Thanks

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  5. I'm curious what rear tire is that your running?....great looking bike and mods I have a 2014 XC!!